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CAURUS Technologies to attend Aerial Firefighting Europe Conference  

Logo of the Aerial Fire Fighting Conference in Europe 2023
The AFFE is the leading forum for practitioners & professionals.

From October 17 –  18, 2023 the CAURUS Technologies team will be attending the Aerial Firefighting Europe Conference in Athens to exchange with aerial firefighting practitioners and organisations. AFFE is a leading platform for aerial firefighting specialists and professionals. And CAURUS Technologies wants to use this forum to explain their mission on how to “Multiply Water’s Impact on Fire”. The aim is to integrate digital technology with innovative water-aerosol cloud extinguishing engineering to boost water efficiency on wildfires.  

Digital technology meets water engineering

By harnessing digital technology, CAURUS Technologies equips the water carried by helicopters on firefighting missions with „eyes”. It thus enhances the ability of the command and crews to target the fire with precision. And it serves to position the envisioned effector in such a way that the water-aerosol cloud can hit close to the ground and blow out the water right inside the nucleus of the fire. The water aerosol cloud can achieve a higher smothering and cooling effect.  

Multiplying water’s impact on fire

Thus, water is delivered to where it makes the biggest impact on the wildfire. It therefore holds the potential to making firefighting safer for firefighters and relief forces, boosting water efficiency and in turn enabling faster extinguishing, saving precious water and reducing CO2 emissions. 

About CAURUS Technologies

CAURUS Technologies was founded in 2022 by a team of engineering, management and finance professionals with combined 120 years of experience in aerospace and defense technology, corporate development and finance. The company aims to develop an innovative technology that can speed up the extinguishing process and multiply water’s impact on fire for better efficiency.