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Boosting Water’s
Impact on Fire

For more precision, efficiency and safety in aerial firefighting

Our team is developing the extinguishing technology of tomorrow!​

A firefighting helicopter fights a forest fire

Forest fires can often only be fought from the air. At CAURUS Technologies, we believe that digital technology and aerosol water clouds can extinguish flames more efficiently. That's why we want to help users in forest firefighting - such as the fire departments - to get devastating fires under control more precisely and quickly. This is why we founded our start-up in 2022.

Why is fighting forest fires so difficult?​

Increasingly severe forest fires, growing water scarcity, climate change and CO2 emissions are presenting emergency services with ever greater challenges in modern airborne firefighting. Why is this the case and what consequences can we expect?
A firefighting helicopter flies towards the fire

System solutions: How we want to extinguish forest fires from the air

CAURUS Technologies is developing a modular system that combines digital technology with innovative firefighting engineering. The core benefits are significantly more efficient water use, improved drop precision and improved safety for the first responders.



The wildfire threat is growing - we need to act now!

Join us to make wildfire fighting more efficient, sustainable  & safe.